Lilburn Coop Volunteers Sorting Donations Spring

The Celebration of Community

April 27th Yard Sale

The LCM is celebrating 30 years of community service this year. We were founded by a
coalition of churches that decided to combine their resources to have a greater impact
on the community. Most of those churches are still supporting our original mission.

We are part of the Feeding America Cooperative Network now. So far this year, we are
averaging around 33,500 pounds of enabled donations distributed every month that
come through Feeding America. Every month we assist between 375 to 400
households, approximately 16 homeless persons and we average 24 food emergencies.
All living right here in our community.

Community has always been the primary focus of our mission. Simply stated, we are
stronger together.

We use between 800 and 1100 volunteer hours to keep this place running every month.
We have between 225 and 275 individual volunteer sign-ins every month. That doesn’t
count the 22 volunteer drivers who pick up our donations or deliver to the homebound
clients every week. I am absolutely astonished by the level of commitment from our
volunteer force. An army of love surrounds me every day I come to work.

On April 27th , we are bringing back a community event that was popular before the
pandemic—the LCM yard sale. People rent booths, sell their stuff, donate what’s left.
We’ll serve grilled hot dogs and have crafts for the kids. It will be an old-fashioned
community get together.

That’s how I like to think of the LCM—as a community hub where people who need a
little help can get a little help from people who have a little extra to share.

If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is.


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